Old Images of Finsbury, London

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Finsbury Chapel 1830
Monograph of Finsbury Chapel from page 317 of "Metropolitan Improvements ... From original drawings by T. H. Shepherd, etc", by Thomas Hosmer Shepherd and James Elmes, published by Jones in London (England) in 1830, now in the archives of the British Library. The inscription under the illustration reads "FINSBURY CHAPEL, TO WM BROOKE ESQ. ARCHITECT, THIS PLATE IS RESPECTFULLY INSCRIBED".

Glimpse history through old images of Finsbury in Greater London.

Fire! 1937

A big fire broke out in a Finsbury warehouse on a hot afternoon in 1937.

As the newsreel records the day’s events, we see not just the fire and key moments of the half hour battle to stop it spreading, but also the streets crowded with onlookers, and some great backdrops of the streets and buildings beyond.

In 8 years this has been viewed just 125 times! One of the little gems that deserved to be discovered on YouTube.

Fire In Finsbury (1937) – British Pathé on YouTube

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