Old Images of Enfield, London

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Church and Market Cross Enfield 1858
Church and Market Cross Enfield, monograth from page 9 of "Historical, topographical and statistical notices of Enfield ... containing also brief biographical notices of distinguished persons who formerly resided in the parish ... Compiled ... by J. Tuff", by John Tuff, published in Enfield (England) in 1858, now part of the archives of the British Library

Glimpse history through old images of Enfield, in north London.

Female Steeplejack 1948

In 1948, John Eserin, manager of the Enfield firm of E. & B.B. (Steeplejacks) Ltd welcomed the company’s first female steeplejack.

For those of us scared of heights, this is not easy to watch! The lack of safety equipment is just frightening.

At the top, the camera pans around the area. In addition to Alexandra Palace in the background, there are probably hundreds of homes (and quite a few gardens) captured on film.

Steeplejills (1948) – British Pathé on YouTube

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