Old images of Eccles, Greater Manchester

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Glimpse history through old images of Eccles, Greater Manchester, England.

Old Photographs of Eccles

This montage of old photos, which plays for just over two minutes, includes good titles with the location and year of each photograph.

zarmer16 on YouTube: Eccles in old photographs

Using old photographs shared on the Eccles Past and Present Facebook page, this is a four minute montage covering different decades and locations around town.

asboss63 on YouTube: Eccles Past

This next 14 minute montage of old photographs includes a wide range of locations around both Eccles and Salford, through different decades.

SKYEYE 4K on YouTube: Days Gone By – Eccles & Salford

Eccles Pubs

Local pubs through their heydays, shown in a range of old photographs, along with more recent shots of some still looking good, and others struggling or closed.

russell newsham on YouTube: Eccles Pubs

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