Durham City, In County Durham

The term Durham can refer to both the city and the county. But this small University city dominated by a Norman Cathedral and castle has its own distinct history and character from the wider county.

Railways Trains Of County Durham

Days of Steam in County Durham Stations & Railways United Kingdom

Published on 24 Feb 2013 by Durham Telly. A journey back through time, to revisit the glory days of steam in County Durham. Stations and locations featured : 

1. Consett 2. Darlington 3. Chester le Street 4. Evenwood 5. LNER Poster 6. Stanhope 7. Durham 8. Stainemore 9. Hartlepool 10. Hartley Main Colliery 11. Durham 12. Durham 13. Wolsingham 14. Darlington 15. St. John’s Chapel 16. Sunderland 17. Bowes 18. Bishop Auckland 19. Sunderland 20. LNER Poster 21. Gainford 22. Durham Elvet 23. Darlington 24. Durham Elvet 25. Durham Elvet 26. Durham 27. West Hartlepool 28. West Hartlepool 29. Gateshead 30. South Shields 31. Darlington 32. Darlington 33. North Road 34. Gateshead West 35. Ebchester 36. Pontop 37. Wearhead 38. Croft Spa 39. Low Fell 40. Durham 41. Durham 42. Durham 43. Hartlepool 44. Barnard Castle 45. Aycliffe 46. LNER Poster 47. Etherley 48. Darlington 49. South Durham 50. Waterhouse’s 51.Darlington 52. Cockfield 53. Darlington 54. Darlington 55. Wingate 56. Evenwood. 57. Spennymoor 58. Elvet 59. Eastgate 60. Gainford 61. Hunwick 62. Hunwick 63. Hylton.64. Lamesley 65. Lintz Green.

Durham In The Past

Old Picture Postcards of Durham

Published on 1 Apr 2010 by Daniel Bramley.

Old Durham Town

Published on 18 Jul 2015 by Steve Toon. Montage of black and white photos set to music.

Durham In The 1930s

300 East Main, Durham, 1930s

Svenryelsdorn: Published on 9 Sep 2007. Pan from St. Philip’s to Main Library.

The Palms, Durham, 1930s

Svenryelsdorn: Published on 10 Sep 2007. Amusing footage of people looking uncomfortable as they are closely filmed whilst eating.

Durham In The 1940s

1940s Train Ride Through Durham, UK, Flying Scotsman

Thekinolibrary: Published on 13 Jul 2016. 1940s Train Ride Through Durham, UK, Flying Scotsman.

Durham In The 1960s

Tv Traffic Control Aka Durham (1960)

British Pathé; Published on 13 Apr 2014. An upbeat man with a posh accent describes traffic problems with great condescension. All accompanied by a jolly musical background.

Early 1960s Durham UK, Driving, Road Trip, Colour Home Movie Archive Footage

Thekinolibrary: Published on 31 Mar 2014. From the Kinolibrary archive film collections. Late 1950s/ early 1960s home movies, the couple set off in a car, drive through Durham streets, picnic by roadside.

Durham 1960 – With Byrdsongs

Paul Lewis: Published on 18 Jun 2013. Colour footage of Durham in 1960. This was shot by Pathe and bits were included in a short report they did about the video traffic conducting system they had in the marketplace back then. Included are outtakes from the shoot.

Drive Through 1963 Durham Streets, North of England 16mm Home Movies

Thekinolibrary; Published on 3 Dec 2013. From the Kinolibrary archive film collections. UK street scene, Point of view from a car driving along the streets of Durham. Great quick shot 1960s street.

Durham Shopping street, 1960’s

Archive film HuntleyFilmArchives: Published on 10 Jun 2015. Durham.  Shopping street filmed from a car.

Durham In The 1970s

Durham, 1970’s – Film 16549

HuntleyFilmArchives: Published on 28 Jan 2015. County Durham. Dealing with environmental and pollution problems. Illustrates problems of slag heaps from coal pits and method of disposal.

Opening shot of the train passing through City of Durham –  Durham Cathedral. Map of North England, showing sites of collieries and coal mines. Coastal mines have tipped spoil on to beaches below.

Men from the Coal Board and Department of the Environment are seen at the site of an experiment – waste is to be piped to the edge of the beach and washed out to sea. Shots of boys as they glissade down steep banks of waste to the beach. Children swim not far from where the waste is being dumped in or near the sea.

A scene of pitmen leaving work. Shot of beaches blighted by the dumping of waste. “Gleaner” is seen picking pieces of coal from waste. We see an unspoiled beach further along the coast – small caravan site next 1975: trucks, traders removing waste. “Spoil” or waste is used to reclaim land. Some old buildings embedded in waste have to be exploded.

Durham County Hall. Officials discuss what to do with waste. Alternatives are considered – dumping in the sea or on land. Local feelings are voiced. Shots of travellers off the coast – waste may adversely affect fish.

Next, Haswell Colliery. Derelict pit – dismal landscape – contrast with nature reserves in County Durham. View of the pastoral landscape – field of battle. These are spoil-heaps which have been “reclaimed” – grassed over. Close-up of land-drains. Bulldozer working. Important to provide drainage for these “hills”.

Next. Imperial College London, experiments on spoil. Some spoil is taken to Cornwall (English China Clay) where experiments are made the determine optimum velocity for suspended particles. Shots of pipes, pumping gauges.

Durham. The experimental pipeline. Spoil is mixed with water 2000 gallons and then pumped to the beach, 1.5 km away. Shots of the pipes lying in a trench.

Shots of Blackhall Beach which has been treated for a year. There are already signs of improvement.

Stanley’s Travels: County Durham (1970s)

Adnylak: Published on 22 Jun 2018. Stanley’s Travels: Stanley Richardson filmed these scenes on his cine camera around County Durham during the 1970s.

Posted by the Great Nephew of Stanley Richardson (1912-1988).

RIVER WEAR, DURHAM, mid-1970s (8mm Amateur Footage)

GuildfordGhost: Published on 25 Dec 2010. Converted from reels of film bought on eBay – have these views changed much, anyone?

Durham Coal Miners BBC Documentary

Paint Your Wagon: Published on 3 Apr 2016. Originally broadcast 12 January 1972. This film depicts various scenes, interviews, and references to the Durham coal mines and lives of the miners and their families/ communities including Wearmouth Colliery, Sunderland.

Norman Dennis – Presenter; Contributors George Bestford, Edward Cowen, Gertrude Robson, and Lady Helen Walsh. Two people in the film are related to the Youtube poster.

Mining News, 1970’s – Film 7515

Published on 17 Nov 2014: HuntleyFilmArchives. Helicopter views of Durham and the coalfields there.

Man in charge of British coal production is John Mills.  He and helicopter pilot stride across the grass to the camera. They get in a small helicopter. They talk to each other.  The pilot sits in the right-hand seat. He adjusts bearings on dials and sets altimeter to zero, Helicopter lifts off. Good aerials of Durham and Durham Cathedral.  Lampton coke ovens from the air. Passing the Tyne Bridge with barges passing underneath. St. James’s Park football stadium. Village of Ashington. Ashington Colliery. Ground level.  Two young long-haired boys leave front door with a football. They kick a football against a brick wall. Shots of surface work at pits in North East England. Aerial shots of open-cast coal mining.  The land returned to agriculture and a golf course. From the ground, men play golf. Man drives. Close up of hole as the ball rolls in. Ground shots of NCB (National Coal Board) nursery plantation for site restoration after open-cast mining have finished.  Aerials of a large smelter. Close up shots of miners collecting lamps and batteries. Underground, miner tends to conveyor belt full of coal. Surface shot – panning back from spinning pit head wheels. Undersea mines. Station box of Lynemouth Sidings.  Aerial shot of Bates Colliery. Aerials of Westoe(?) Colliery. Underground, automatic cutting machines. Large scoops pull coal onto conveyor belts. Man fixing automatic pit props. helicopter flies over drilling ship at sea. On the ground, the helicopter pilot is fitted with a miner’s hat and lamp.  Dorton(?) Colliery. The laser guidance system for the tunnelling machine. Long roadway. The first circular cutting head in a British coalmine. On the ground level, Beamish Museum with people looking at industrial heritage. A man shovels coal into the locomotive boiler. A poster advertises the Stockton and Darlington 150th Anniversary at Shildon.  Close up of “Locomotive”‘s parts as it works. Wheels turning. Ground shots of it passing by. Aerials of Jordan Colliery. Inside of helicopter. Several coal mines from the air.

Durham In The 1980s

Electrification of the ECML through Durham Station 1980s

ageofthe train: Published on 17 Apr 2018.

Durham 1986

Chelejf: Published on 17 Sep 2011.

Montage of student photos set to music.

Durham city car drive. Mid 1980’s

Alan Freeman: Published on 15 Feb 2016. Mid 1980’s dashcam video.

Durham In The 1990s

Antiques Roadshow UK Series 16 Episode 15 Raby Castle, County Durham

UK VHS Archive: Published on 4 Dec 2018. Taken from the broadcast made on the 3rd April 1994.

Durham Station 1990 Rare Footage

Kris Nelson: Published on 2 Sep 2011. Kris was aged just 15 when he borrowed his Grandad’s video camera one day during a visit to them in Durham during the Spring of 1990. 

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