Darlington, County Durham

Darlington, a large market town in County Durham, is widely and affectionately referred to as ‘Darlo’ by the local community.

In the 1920s the town’s railways saw both a Royal Visit and later several terrible train collisions.

Darlington Through The Ages

Darlington: A Town Through Time!

James Fox: Published on 7 May 2019. Views of Darlington, County Durham rewound through time! Credit to the Image Owners featured!

County Durham Revisited 4 of 10

Durham Telly: Published on 5 Mar 2013. Revisit County Durham as it once was. Including: Darlington, Durham, Hartlepool, Middleton in  Teesdale, Durham City, Leadgate, Hart Village, South Shields, Seaburn, Penshaw, Willington, Esh Winning, Billingham, Sunderland, Easington, Roker, Horden, South Shields, Dawdon, High Force, Barnard Castle, Jarrow, Gateshead, Croft Spa, Bishop Auckland, Blackhall, and Bolden.

Darlington In The 1920s

The Anniversary of the Stockton to Darlington first passenger railway service, 1920’s – Film 681

HuntleyFilmArchives: Published on 1 May 2013. Thursday 2nd July 1925. Duke and Duchess of York disembark from a train and take a place in the stand to watch the parade to celebrate the anniversary of the Stockton to darlington first passenger railway service.

1. Railway track with crowds alongside watching engines go by. Early C19th locomotive engine.  2. Track alongside a field – with a thinner crowd than before – watching steam engine go by. 3. Steam engine  4. LNER no. 203 steam engine with tender and guard and fireman. 5. Great Western engine with tender full of coal. 6. Steam engine with tender and guard. 7. Steam engine no. 3990, LNER with guard and tender. 8. Steam engine with guard, fireman and empty tender, no 2207, LNER.  9. Engine LNER 10. LNER no.2151 engine with a guard. 11. Early locomotive with 2 tenders? And 2 guards in early C19 dress. 12. Engine with tender. 13. Engine no. 934, LNER with guard and fireman.  14. Engine with tender no 5088 15. LNER engine. 16. Engine with tender. 17. Engine with tender and guard. Title ‘Monsters of the main line’ 18. Engine with full tender, LNER no. 6169. 19. Engine with full tender  20. Engine with full tender. 21. Engine with a carriage, LNER no. 1163, carriage no.13. 22. Carriage? 23. Engine no. 2395 LNER with engine/tender. 24. Railway car?. 25. Carriage, train in the background. 26. Carriage with guard  27. Engine LNER no. 5088 with guards. 28. Engine no. 11112 with a guard. Stand with seated crowd and policemen.

Title introducing modern trains. 1. Modern train 2. Train no. 10474. View up to the royal box. 3. Southern, 449 4. Train no. 2400, LNER.

Days of Steam in County Durham Stations & Railways United Kingdom

Durham Telly: Published on 24 Feb 2013. A journey back through time, to revisit the glorious days of steam in County Durham.

Stations and Locations featured: 1. Consett 2. Darlington 3. Chester le Street 4. Evenwood 5. LNER Poster 6. Stanhope 7. Durham 8. Stainmore 9. Hartlepool 10. Hartley Main Colliery 11. Durham 12. Durham 13. Wolsingham 14. Darlington 15. St. John’s Chapel 16. Sunderland 17. Bowes 18. Bishop Auckland 19. Sunderland 20. LNER Poster 21. Gainford 22. Durham Elvet 23. Darlington 24. Durham Elvet 25. Durham Elvet 26. Durham 27. West Hartlepool 28. West Hartlepool 29. Gateshead 30. South Shields 31. Darlington 32. Darlington 33. North Road 34. Gateshead West 35. Ebchester 36. Pontop 37. Wearhead 38. Croft Spa 39. Low Fell 40. Durham 41. Durham 42. Durham 43. Hartlepool 44. Barnard Castle 45. Aycliffe 46. LNER Poster 47. Etherley 48. Darlington 49. South Durham 50. Waterhouse’s 51.Darlington 52. Cockfield 53. Darlington 54. Darlington 55. Wingate 56. Evenwood. 57. Spennymoor 58. Elvet 59. Eastgate 60. Gainford 61. Hunwick 62. Hunwick 63. Hylton.64. Lamesley 65. Lintz Green

Fatal Express Collision (1929)

British Pathé: Published on 13 Apr 2014. Item title reads –  Fatal express collision. Night mail and light locomotive crash on the same spot as terrible disaster last June. Darlington, Durham. Various shots of the front of the engine smashed in.  L/S of the other engine completely destroyed, various shots of it smashed in at the front.   

Darlington In The 1930s

Walking. Sunderland to Darlington

British Movietone: Published on 21 Jul 2015. “From Sunderland to Darlington by foot is no vacation,” says Barry Barnes. From the 1930s? Amusing short film.

Another Record For Britain! (1931)

British Pathé: Published on 13 Apr 2014. Full title reads: “Darlington. Another record for Britain! Huge stern frame – World’s largest casting – weighing hundreds of tons for new 73,000-ton Cunarder.”

Darlington, County Durham. A huge piece of cast iron is lifted and moved in the foundry. Shots of engineers check to see it will fit in place. More shots of huge pieces of cast iron in the yard. People are looking at the parts for the new ship. Nice shots of a small tank engine – steam train – called ‘Unity’ pulling on of the huge castings along the track in the foundry. Good shots of a model of the liner being tested in water tank showing how she will behave at sea. The ship being built – the 534 – was later to be named ‘Queen Mary’.

Darlington In The 1940s

Yard Of Ale Issue Title Is Points And Pints (1944)

British Pathé: Published on 27 Aug 2014. Part of POINTS AND PINTS issue. Darlington, Durham.

A pub landlord pulls 3 pints of beer and gives them to a waitress to serve.  The waitress places the pints in front of a man sitting alone. The man looks a bit confused until the landlord comes out with a very long glass that looks like a gigantic test tube (a yard of ale glass).  The landlord fills the yard of ale glass with the 3 pints. Various C/Us of the man slowly downing the yard of beer. When he finishes, the landlord offers the man another pint – the man refuses! 

Football In The 1950s

Darlington: 4 Chelsea: 1 (1958)

British Pathé: Published on 13 Apr 2014. Full title reads: “FA Cup 4th Round Replay. Darlington: 4 Chelsea: 1”.

Feethams Ground, Darlington, County Durham. Underdogs win major football victory.

LV Darlington team running out onto the field. LV Crowd cheering. LV Darlington kick-off and Macfarlane of Chelsea gets the ball, various shots of play, Chelsea on the attack. CU Football fan in crowd slamming his cap down. Darlington on the attack, LV Moran kicks and scores Darlington’s first goal. LV Crowd. GV Chelsea taking a corner, Johnny McNichol shoots from close range and its 1 all! LV Crowd at half-time. LV Chelsea kick-off. VS Darlington attack. SV Chelsea on the attack. LV Chelsea player rushes in and shoots, Turner tries to save it but its a goal. CU Small boy in crowd slapping barrier. LV Chelsea still on the attack. CU Boys cheering. LV Girls cheering. LV Darlington kick-off at extra time. Darlington scores another from Moran. Score Darlington 2 – Chelsea 1. GV Dave Carr heads a beauty making it 3-1. LV Ron Habbertson scores making it Darlington 4 – Chelsea 1. Darlington players congratulating each other. Brabrook, Lewis, Henderson, Milner, Green, Turner are also mentioned during the game.

Darlington In The 1960s

A Railwayman’s Film Darlington 1960 

Anthony Alexandrovic: Published on 24 Jul 2015. Tyne Tees TV.

British Railways 1960’s Darlington Station

Agdenyer: Published on 10 Apr 2013. A slideshow of motive power taken at Darlington in the 1960’s.

Ride over STAINMORE SUMMIT DMU front view – Dec. 1961

Alan Snowdon: Published on 19 Mar 2017.

The Journey Darlington – Barnard Castle – STAINMORE SUMMIT – Kirkby Stephen East – Penrith seen from the front of a (first generation) Diesel Multiple Unit train. Filmed in December 1961, only weeks before England’s highest passenger railway was closed.

Colour film during that era was unsuitable for the seasonal dull weather, so Black and White film had to be used. Once into the Eden Valley patchy fog was encountered.

Alan Snowdon on Youtube

Darlington- MIDDLETON-in-T from DMU front seats in 1963

Alan Snowdon: Published on 23 Mar 2017.

The Journey Darlington – Barnard Castle – MIDDLETON-in-TEESDALE and Return, seen from the front of a (first generation) Diesel Multiple Unit train. At Barnard Castle we see wagons loaded with the track removed from the line over Stainmore Summit, closed in 1962.

British Railways Steam 1960’s Pelaw Middlesbrough Darlington

agdenyer: Published on 19 May 2012. Taken from 8mm cine at Pelaw Middlesbrough and Darlington.

Darlington to Bishop Auckland via Shildon 1967

MadMel841: Published on 25 Jul 2013.

Darlington carnival 1967

Nick Pearson: Published on 1 Feb 2015.

Transferred from cine film taken by Nick Pearon’s father, Ron Pearson. Darlington carnival 1967. No sound. Plenty of colour.

Darlington In The 1970s

Bus Darlington

mickhymans: Published on 11 Feb 2013.

Buses in Darlington in the 1970s.

Darlington Railway station

Archive film HuntleyFilmArchives: Published on 5 Sep 2014.

1970s. Darlington railway station, people disembarking train, boy, points at Stephenson’s steam train, ‘Locomotion’. York Railway Museum, ‘The Agenoria’ being pushed manually and then transported by railway.  Bridge over the Firth of Forth, train crossing. Tyne Bridge, side view and from front of train. Kemble railway station; Marylebone Station, St Pancras Hotel. ‘Bertha’ oldest steam ship, at Exeter Maritime Museum, working. SS Great Britain in Avonmouth.  Children and woman walking around SS Great Britain. Steam train at Dartmouth. Dartmouth harbour close view yachts, boats. Fireman on steam train.

Darlington top bank railway station 70’s pre-tops

Dave W: Published on 17 Apr 2013.

Darlington top bank railway station 70 pre-tops. Class 40, 47, 25, 46, 55, 101 All pre-top numbered.

1975 Darlington Lions’ Carnival Day

Nick Pearson: Published on 25 Jun 2013.

Part of the Stockton & Darlington railway 150th anniversary celebrations. 23rd August 1975.

Darlington In The 1990s

Antiques Roadshow UK Series 13 Episode 2 Darlington, County Durham

UK VHS Archive: Published on 16 Nov 2018.

“Taken off air broadcast from 6th January 1991. Sadly, a bit of the intro and credits are not on the video as they were cut off. Set to 720p50 for the best picture quality. I have tried to upload episode 1, I but it got hit with a copyright claim.  Weirdly, it was near the end of the video on a Japanese art painting that was evaluated at £50,000. It will be up soon, but will a small edit.”

UK VHS Archive on Youtube

Haughton Community School, Darlington

Aviation Madness: Published on 28 Jun 2019.

Haughton school first opened in 1959 and had a capacity of over 1000 students. It was replaced in 2006 by a £27 million multi-school campus called the Education Village (EV), which had an overall capacity of 1350 students. It was opened by the prime minister, Tony Blair. The EV replaced 3 schools in total: Haughton secondary, Springfield Primary and Beaumont hill Special school. The Campus was built on the same grounds that Haughton was on. Haughton was finally demolished after the 3 schools moved in together on the campus.

It was a world first to house 3 separate schools on one campus and attracted over 2000 visitors by the end of 2007. The EV gained academic status in 2012. 2 more schools joined the academy trust (EVAT) and are located on separate sites in Darlington.

Today EV uses the former site of the previous community school as a sporting ground. The only signs of anything ever being here is that the ground is very flat compared to the rest of the land and there are 2 houses facing sideways which indicates the old main entrance.


DaveSpencer32: Published on 12 Dec 2013.

The Town In The 21st Century

Kings Head Hotel Fire

Darlington Borough Council:Published on 11 Feb 2010. Short video of the fire at the Kings Head Hotel in Darlington on 15th August 2008. Video supplied by the Civil Contingency Unit (works in partnership with Darlington Borough Council).

Darlington Town Centre Road Trip

Lovely Planet tv: Published on 5 May 2009. A trip by road through Darlington Town Centre showing points of interest and landmarks along the way. Filmed on a quiet Sunday afternoon – 3rd May 2009 – by Peter Crooks.


RMPOWLS: Published on 6 Dec 2015


RMPOWLS on Youtube

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