Old Images of Concord, New Hampshire

Concord New Hampshire 1850-1860

Glimpse history through fascinating old images of Concord, in New Hampshire, USA.

Concord 1940

What is particularly special about this film is the commentary, recollecting the people on screen or talking about the locations seen.

Concord, NH – Phonsey Ceriello’s 1940 Movie – Jake Blues on YouTube

Concord 1960

Produced by Dan Stiles Associates and owned by Concord City Library, this 1960 short film was presented by Mary Lou Quigley.

The film visits a wide range of workplaces, with both interior and exterior shots, and lots of employees seen close to the camera.

There’s also a lot of information about what the firms are, what they do, and an overview of their processes, skills or custom base.

In the second half, attention turns to schools and hospitals, as well as leisure activities. Twice a week the Police Chief gives ice skating lessons to teenage girls, and boys can enjoy the Basketball Club or Boys Club.

Adults enjoy music and outdoor activities.

The 7th & 8th generation descendants of Hannah Dustin stand and gaze at her statue.

Concord: The Capital City – Concord Public Library on YouTube

Christmas Parade 1964

In 1964, Dick Brodeur in Concord, New Hampshire, made a home movie of the queue for the Santa’s Workshop, and the Christmas Parade.

The materials for construction of Santa’s workshop were provided by Concord Lumber.

There are a lot of people in this short film, many of them small children or teenagers.

We also see the Mayor of Concord in an open top car.

Concord NH Christmas Parade, 1964 – dickbrodeur on YouTube

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