Caerphilly, Wales: Old Photos And Film

Caerphilly is famous for its medieval castle and Caerphilly cheese. But old footage shows how important mining once was to this town in South Wales.

Old Pictures Of Caerphilly

CAERPHILLY – Past & Present

Vertigo Rod. A video showing historic photos and picture postcards of Caerphilly.

CAERPHILLY – The Miners Hospital

Vertigo Rod: Published on 9 Mar 2013. Historic photos and modern footage are combined to show Caerphilly Miners Hospital through different time periods.  

Coal Mining Near Caerphilly In The 1920s

Miners In Senghenydd, Wales (1920-1929)

British Pathé.

1920s Footage taken of miners at Senghenydd, near Caerphilly. Shows various aspects of their lives at work and in the nearby streets. 

1920s South Wales mining, protest and strike action

Thekinolibrary: Published on 28 Jan 2016. The South Wales miner’s strike in the 1920s.

Caerphilly In The 1960s

Caerphilly Railway Station ‘Then & Now’ 1963 -2013

Robert Masterman: Published on 17 Jul 2013. Modern and historic images of the Caerphilly Railway Station.

Caerphilly In The 1970s

Carrefour – Wales’ first Hypermarket 1972

Archif ITV Cymru/Wales @ LlGC | ITV Cymru/Wales Archive @ NLW: Published on 10 Mar 2015.

Carrefour opened Wales’ first Hypermarket at Caerphilly. This footage includes interviews with traders and shoppers along the High Street. 

Caerphilly In The 1990s

Jon Pertwee opening Cwm Darran park in 1990’s

Trekkertos: Published on 20 Sep 2016. Jon Pertwee opened the Cwm Darran park in 1990’s and this is the home video of one of the spectators.

Caerphilly In The 2000s

Class 37 402 og 37 417 i Caerphilly 2004

Henrikrail: Published on 13 Jul 2008. Footage of trains.

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Thanks to PDPhotos from Pixabay for the photo of Caerphilly cheese.