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Old Caerphilly Photos & Vintage Film

Caerphilly Local History Vintage film and old photos of Caerphilly

Caerphilly is today famous for its medieval castle and Caerphilly cheese. But old footage shows how important mining once was to this town in South Wales.

Caerphilly History Video

Caerphilly & Bargoed: Happierfeet Risca

This video is a fascinating look back at the town’s history. Major events are discussed, brought to life with a wide range of old photographs, vintage film and commentary. In addition, there are interviews with members of the older generation about their memories of the past. 

Old Pictures Of Caerphilly

⏯ Watch – Caerphilly Locations Past & Present

This is a great video showing a wide range of locations in and around town, as they were years ago and what they look like now.

⏯ Watch – Caerphilly District Miners’ Hospital

Historic photos and modern footage combine to show Caerphilly District Miners’ Hospital (Ysbyty’r Glowyr Caerffili) through its heyday and demise.  

Coal Mining Near Caerphilly In The 1920s

⏯ Watch – Miners At Senghenydd 1920s

1920s British Pathé footage taken of miners at nearby Senghenydd, gives a glimpse of the difficult living conditions these families endured.

⏯ Watch – South Wales Coalfield Crisis 1920s

The difficult economic conditions of the 1920s Welsh coalfields caused large gatherings of striking mineworkers.

A New Hypermarket In The 1970s

⏯ Watch – Carrefour Hypermarket Opens In Caerphilly 1972

It was a time when washing up flakes and lard were an essential part of the weekly grocery shop, and a whole basket of vegetables cost mere pence.

But would local traders see the new hypermarket as a threat to their businesses, and what did shoppers think of the new store?

The Railway Station

⏯ Watch – Caerphilly Railway Station ‘Then & Now’ 1963 -2013

Robert Masterman’s video displays black and white photos of the railway station in the 1960s, and then shows the contrast to 2013. His photos and video clips record work in progress on the new platform.

⏯ Watch – Caerphilly Railway Station in 2004

See the railway station in operation in 2004 as dozens of passengers disembark from a train and head home.

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