Old Images of Bishop Auckland, County Durham

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Old image of Bishop Auckland 1728
"The South-East View of Bishop-Auckland-Palace, in the Bishoprick of Durham" etching and engraving by Samuel Buck, published in London by S. and N. Buck in 1728, now part of the Topographical Collection of George III at the British Library

Glimpse history through old images of Bishop Auckland in County Durham, North East England.

St Andrew’s Church in 1871

Old image of St Andrew's Church Bishop Auckland 1871
St Andrew’s Church, Bishop Auckland, from page 84 of “History and characteristics of Bishop Auckland … Embellished with steel engravings, etc”, by Matthew Richley, published by W. J. Cummins in Bishop Auckland (England), in the year 1871, preserved in the British Library archives.

Old Photos of Bishop Auckland

Enjoy these jolly jaunts through many decades and locations to discover the town’s people and places of the past.

Bygone Bishop Auckland 1 – County Durham – Durham Telly on YouTube

Bygone Bishop Auckland 2 – County Durham – Durham Telly on YouTube

Bishop Auckland – mottoyotto on YouTube

Eton Vs Unemployed Miners 1937

A football team of lightly clad unemployed miners from St Helen’s pose for the camera at Bishop Auckland, with heavy snow blanketing the landscape behind them.

Then the young Eton men saunter out of the changing rooms, each one in nice sports attire.

Most of the shots are of the players on the snow covered football pitch, but there is a glimpse of a small group of spectators, and of some housing in the background.

The miners win by 4-2.

Eton V. Miners At Bishop Auckland (1937) – British Pathé on YouTube

Local Family in 1959

While much of this home movie centres on a young man and his family, there are lots of glimpses of the town’s streets, facilities and homes.

Note how carefully the mum gets into the car. It looks like they’ve only just got it, in an age when very few people could afford a car. When they park at 23 Arthur Street, Crook, to show the car to the entertaining grandma, there is literally one other car parked outside the entire row of terraced houses.

Bishop Auckland 1959 – Peter Brown on YouTube

Town Centre 1973

George Longstaff filmed a drive through the town centre one sunny day in 1973. Includes many cars, buses, people, and buildings.

Bishop Auckland 1973. – Middaymoses on YouTube

1970s Home Cine Film

A.H.Robson’s home cine film shows us just over eight minutes of old homes, shops and events. Given the Robin Reliant in one scene, the boys on bikes that could be Choppers, and big flares, it’s clearly the 1970s.

Includes the new town centre bypass under construction, and the OK Motor Service bus route signs.

Around the Town Bishop Auckland – gy200boy on YouTube

Buses in 1987

A few of the pedestrians walk past close to the camera, so you may recognise some of them, as well as the shops and houses shown in the local streets.

BISHOP AUCKLAND BUSES 1987 – DaveSpencer32 on YouTube

Buses in 1993

Buses, cars and buildings in 1993.

BISHOP AUCKLAND BUSES APRIL 1993 – DaveSpencer32 on YouTube

Buses in 1996

It’s not just the buses. You’ll see homes, businesses, streets, cars and people on an ordinary day in 1996.

BISHOP AUCKLAND BUSES 1996 – DaveSpencer32 on YouTube

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