Barnsley, South Yorkshire: History in Old Images

Old photo of the Women's Suffrage campaigners outside the offices of the Barnsley Chronicle, South Yorkshire, on 20 January 1910

Enjoy a glimpse of history through old images of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England, UK.

Chimney Demolition 1927

In 1927, one of Barnsley’s oldest chimneys was demolished.

Chimney felling at Barnsley (1927) – British Pathé on YouTube

Cristmas Hampers 1928

In 1928, Mr Herbert Smith, the Miners’ President, unloaded hampers from a train onto a van. The hampers were then driven for distribution to the miners and their families, who waited patiently in a long line.

To modern eyes, the hampers look enough to provide one meal for the large families.

Christmas hampers being given to miners and their families in Barnsley, Yorkshire (1928)- British Pathé on YouTube

More Pictures of Old Barnsley

Old Barnsley in South Yorkshire, England, enjoyed through historic photos, vintage pictures & archive film. Browse history in these fascinating old images of a bygone era on my Pinterest board.

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