Old Images of Aden, Yemen

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Glimpse the past through fascinating old images of Aden, in the Yemen.

Old Photos of Aden

This collection of old photos of Aden was taken in 1966.

Aden photos 1966 part 1 www.DaveEldergill.org – Dave Eldergill on YouTube

The next video showing old photos of Aden in 1966 is as absorbing as the first.

Whether it’s camels pulling goods carts, or the ‘Ali Baba fish and chips’ van parked at the seafront near the ship, there’s always something astonishing to see.

Notice the impending strike on 14th April 1966, when all personnel were advised not to travel and to do their shopping that day and not the day of the strike.

Aden Photos 1966 part 2 www.DaveEldergill.org – Dave Eldergill on YouTube on youTube

1960s Home Movie Clips

In the 1960s, a home movie about an expat family Aden was recorded on 8mm cine film.

The first couple of minutes show the family posing with a couple of children, but after a view of an aeroplane we see a local market. A goat wanders between barefoot people.

Then the family visits what I think is the Cisterns of Tawila, along with other visitors.

Aden 1960’s part 1 – Dave Eldergill on YouTube

The family now enjoy trips to the zoo and the beach.

There are also scenes of a herd of cattle, and then an aircraft carrier looming over the seafront sttlement as a helicopter takes off.

Aden 1960’s Pt 2 www.DaveEldergill.org – Dave Eldergill on Youtube

In the next video, expats enjoy the beach and swimming pool in the sunshine of the then-British colony.

Aden 1960’s part 3 – Dave Eldergill on YouTube

The next video starts with local streets, as people, cars and goats travel along between the buildings.

It’s followed by scenes of the expat family enjoying a fishing trip, with a magnificent landscape behind them.

Then a panoramic view of a settlement is filmed from high on the mountainside. The waterways are busy with a variety of boats and ships.

Aden 1960’s part 4 – Dave Eldergill on YouTube

Next, some members of the expat family enjoy dancing at a rock’n’roll dance event.

All the children at this event seem to be decent little dancers, and the outfits are lovely.

Ex Pat Dance in Aden 1960’s – Dave Eldergill on YouTube

This final video is a compilation of all the other videos above, plus some additional scenes.

Aden 1960’s Home Movies Compilation – Dave Eldergill on YouTube

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