Old Film, Aberdeen History And Photos From The Past

Aberdeen and Scotland (1950s)

Published on 28 Jul 2014 by HuntleyFilmArchives. Aberdeen and Scotland. Amateur home movie.

High angled shot of a stone bridge over a river with green fields on either side. Two women and a man (wearing beret) eating a picnic in field.  Man is in background. Runs to canvas tent where towels are drying on a rope. Car ferry crossing river and moving away from camera. Man and two women are at the campsite. Country surroundings, mountains, loch, castle, pebble beaches. Loch and village in distance.  A harbour is also seen. A single funnelled boat moving from left to right with the coast (green) in background. Picnic – man is eating a banana, women are tidying their hair. In the harbour there are boats and ferries. Beautiful garden with rose bushes and sea in the background. Sandy beach, mountains in the background, blue sky, a woman walking towards camera. Man walking in the field. Loading and departure of car ferry (‘Lochalsh’).

Panning shot of large crowd (many sitting on the grass).  Uniformed (kilts) bandsmen relaxing. Instruments, including bagpipes and drums, on the ground.

Loading ship/ferry with full hessian sacks. Large ships in harbour. Crowded sandy beach – lots of windbreaks, everyone is fully clothed. Dark shot of trawlers. Shots of the harbour from moving boat/ferry. Lifting van off ferry. Church on a sunny day. Front of large stationary boat (‘St. Ninian’) in the harbour. Bus moving left to right on the causeway. Mountains, loch/sea, blue sky. Heathland, stone circles, probably Brodgar on Orkney.  Excavated stone structures, probably Skara Brae. Wide sandy beach with tide out. Sailors cleaning the deck of a large boat at sea (gets very dark). Dramatic coastline. Men loading peat on to trailer attached to a red tractor.

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