Old Photos of Wilmington, Delaware

Wilmington Delaware 1908

Glimpse history through old images of Wilmington, Delaware.

YouTube is a great place to discover old images of Wilmington, Delaware, and see what the largest and most populous city in the U.S. state of Delaware looked like through the past.

Old Photos of Wilmington

The first video is a seven minute compilation of old photos of Wilmington found in the Delaware Historical Society‘s Fine Historic Reproductions program.

Each old image is titled with the location and/or approximate date.

We see, for example, the two young sons of Mrs C.f. Richards trying on new shoes at the Storms Shoe Store on February 16, 1942, and the lovely image of carefully turned out young women in the lounge of the Security Trust Bank a century ago.

Historic Photographs of Market Street in Wilmington Delaware – gmc33147 on Youtube

Historic Photos of Wilmington

The Historic Photos of Wilmington by Wade G. Dudley was published in 2008. See some of the fascinating images that the book contains in this short trailer. Watch out for the tiny tot on a motorbike!

Historic Photos of Wilmington – TurnerPub on YouTube

Wilmington at Work 1957

See Wilmington’s local businesses and staff at work back in 1957, with lots of customers too.

Wilmington, Delaware, 1957 – Bob LaFazia on YouTube

1970s Aerial Shots of Wilmington

The 1970s proposal for a helicopter service from the parking building on 12th & Orange Streets in Wilmington, to Philadelphia International Airport, caused a controversy which was reported by the local news.

Includes images of Sydney Amira, the head of Metro Flight, sitting on a test flight as city parking authority officials wait below to assess the noise levels from the approaching flight.

Parking authority chairman William Dardy was one of those waiting below, and felt the results of this test flight was inconclusive.

Having seen the city from the air, we now see the officials gathering round the helicopter as it lands.

Wilmington, Delaware aerials in 1970’s – chickenparm on YouTube

Bicentennial Celebration 1976

4th July 1976 was the day Wilmington’s Bicentennial celebration took place. The Mayor, the late Tom Maloney, gave a speech, a large choir sang, and dancers performed for the gathered spectators.

This silent home movie includes lots of images of participants and spectators.

Bicentennial celebration in Wilmington, Delaware July, 4th 1976 – BunnymanVids on YouTube

Wilmington Friends School

A series of high quality home movie clips from 1972, 1973, 1974, and 1977 have been collated into a seven minute video showing tha last day of school years.

Includes clear images of teachers, children, some parents and grandmothers, parts of the school building, and the school bus, along with children’s crafts being carried out of the building and LOTS of 70s fashion!

Wilmington Friends. Last Days of school in the 1970s – BunnymanVids on YouTube

Brief History of Little Italy

The 2008 video produced by the City Council and the Mayor’s office includes many old photos interspersed with footage from the early twenty-first century.

Where In Wilmington – Little Italy – Feb. 2008 – WITN Channel 22 on YouTube

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