Stanley Crook, County Durham

stanley crook County Durham

Stanley Crook is a tiny rural village which used to have two collieries. It is not to be confused with the town of Stanley, 12 miles away.

Stanley Crook In The 1960s

Historic Video of Stanley Crook Circa 1963

Here is an historic video filmed around Stanley Crook in the 1960’s. It includes the Billy Row Club trip.

YouTube channel Karl Utley (25 Aug 2015)

Durham Coal Mining Vintage Film 1963

Durham Coal Mining Vintage Film 1963.

Opening with miners leaving the final shift at Stanley Cottage No1 Drift that closed in 1963. Pit ponies from the area of Stanley Crook, being retired and enjoying the freedom of a green field. Wooley Colliery footage, the colliery closed in 1963.

YouTube channel Durham Telly (1 Jan 2016)

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Thanks to Emphyrio from Pixabay for the image.