Sidcup, Kent: Old Photos And Film

Sidcup is in the historic County of Kent, but today forms part of the London Borough of Bexley. Called Cetecopp in 1254, its original name meant ‘fold in a hill’.

Today it’s home to top drama schools Bird College and Rose Bruford College. The area has fast and easy access into Central London, being only 11 miles from Charing Cross. 

Sidcup In The 1920s

Pageant And Fete At Sidcup (1920-1929)

Published on 13 Apr 2014 by British Pathé. Pageant and Fete at Sidcup, London.

The portrayal of the history of the world; an ambitious production to say the least; plays to large audience in a park or private garden. 

Begins w/ a long procession of many people; both adults and children; in various costumes representing different historical periods. A girl holding a robe around her walks alone across lawn in front of an audience. CU profile. The action begins w/ a scene of savages: or cavemen having a battle w/ spears. 

Various other scenes include Greek maidens dancing in short white tunics; procession of medieval monks; a crowd of more middle-ages types chanting; knights on horseback; some more dance and some more processions.

Kent, 1920’s – Film 33372

Published on 12 Jan 2015 by HuntleyFilmArchives. Kent in the 1920s. 1928 and 1929.

1.  Opening of Sidcup and Foots cray Constitutional Club, in Sidcup In Kent.  Building the club House, Opening ceremony, group photograph, Waldron Smithers M.P.

2.  Bridge Building under difficulties, St Mary Cray.  Southern railway loco 449 and four wheelrs. Details of bridge building with steam crane.   Train and up and over.

3. Sidcup Industrial Exhibition with Waldron Smithers M.P. Little girl presents bouquet.

4. Waring Park, Sidcup Sports day.  Children’s races. Public school types, obstacle race, tug-of-war, Lord and lady waring.  World war One veterans’ parade and military band.

5.  Motorcycles at Brands Hatch when it was just a field.  Motorbikes and sidecars.

6.  Otford, Ruins of Otford Palace, and Otford church

7. Butterfly farming at Bexley in Kent.  Butterflies being caught and mounted to butterfly display cases.

Sidcup In The 1930s

The Monkey’s Hotel – Filmed At Sidcup In Kent (1931)

Published on 13 Apr 2014 by British Pathé. Sidcup, Kent.  “Here’s the latest, an hotel with loads of mischief – young monkeys.”  An elderly woman stands beside a cage full of monkeys. She calls the monkeys by name (“Bepe” and “Billy”).  She passes food through the holes in the wire. She calls one of the monkeys a “naughty boy, a bad boy”. Intertitle reads: “There are other pets, too”, explained Mrs. Austral – ”  She throws out seed for some doves. Low angle shot of a dovecot. “Betty is a bit hazy now and again – ” C/U of a tiny monkey washing its hands in a small bowl of water. Mrs. Austral gives the monkey a piece of fabric saying “Wipe your hands, wipe your hands…”  Mrs. Austral and the monkey are seen together. “Who said monkeys can’t talk – ?” The monkey makes a squeaking sound as Mrs. Austral says: “There’s your purse” and hands the monkey a purse, she then gives the monkey some money to put in it. “…But, Bimbo will try anything – ”  Mrs. Austral is seen with a monkey on her shoulders. The monkey holds a comb and Mrs. Austral asks it to comb her hair. Mrs. Austral tries to persuade Bimbo to write a letter. L/S of Mrs. A. inside the monkey cage. The monkeys climb all over her. She says “Come along, children.”  Outside the cage, she puts one monkey on another monkey’s back saying “You take your baby for a ride”. They run along together.  

Mrs Austral comes across as being more than a little eccentric.

British Pathé on YouTube

Parade at the Green Sidcup (1935-1937)

Published on 14 Dec 2011 by LondonsScreenArchive. This amateur film from Bexley Local Studies and Archive Centre, is about a May parade on the green in Sidcup in the mid- 1930s. The parade includes girls in school uniform, smartly dressed women and children in fancy dress, Girl Guides, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.

Chislehurst, Sidcup, Footscray, St pauls cray, St mary cray, Orpington Times a past

Published on 2 Jul 2019 by Mart Vickery. 1930s photo montage set to music

Sidcup In The 1940s

Mobile Fish Shop (1948)

Published on 13 Apr 2014 by British Pathé. A mobile fish and chip shop provides hot meals for land girls working in rural areas. Sidcup, Kent. 

M/S as a man puts fish in the fat fryer and checks the chips. M/S as Henry Macroy’s mobile fish and chip van drives down a country lane. C/U as a woman comes out of a door in the side of the van and the shutter goes up.  She takes a microphone and speaks into it, C/U loudspeaker broadcasting their arrival. M/S as land girls stop working and look up. A group of potato pickers looks round. The girl ends the message and enters the van again as two customers approach. She takes their order, the camera pans to show more customers approaching. C/U of the man (Henry ?) serving goods and putting money in the cash register.  M/S as land girls sit on a wagon and start eating. M/S of another group with children, they sit down on boxes and start eating. The van shuts up as a hungry dog approaches. M/S of land girls eating. The van moves towards the camera then drives away down a country lane.

Sidcup In The 1950s

Bexleyheath and area trolleybuses, 1950’s. 

Published on 11 Apr 2016 by HuntleyFilmArchives. Bexleyheath Trolleybuses – amateur home movie. Kent. Good street scenes, London.

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