Old Images of Seattle, Washington

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Glimpse history through fascinating old images of Seattle, in the US State of Washington.

Seattle 1976

This 1976 starts by looking at the contemporary skyline and landmarks. It’s a great record of how the city looked in 1976.

Then the video looks at the history of Seattle, illustrated with old maps and old photos. It’s astonishing to see how much the city changed in such a short amount of time.

Seattle: Picture of a Young City [Part 1], 1976 – SeattleArchives on YouTube

Seattle Then & Now

The youngster who made these two videos has taken old photos of Seattle locations across different decades, told us a bit about them, then recorded what the same location looked like in 2016 and 2017.

Seattle then and now (1890s-1980s) – Tacomalite on YouTube

Seattle Then And Now (1880s-1990s) – Tacomalite on YouTube

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