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Rochester, Kent: Old Photos And Film

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Rochester lost its 800-year-old city status in 1998 by what may have been an administrative oversight. Thankfully, the Norman Castle and Cathedral still remain!

Rochester In The 1920s

New War Memorial Rochester (1920)

Intertitle: “In Memoriam.  Admiral Sturdee unveils stained glass window to memory of officers and crew of H.M.S. VANGUARD.”

Published to YouTube on 13 Apr 2014 by British Pathé.

The admiral, accompanied by several dignitaries and smartly dressed women, goes into Rochester Cathedral. The men remove their hats as they enter.  Then, several uniformed gentlemen, including the admiral, get into a car. Smartly dressed people, including several men in naval uniforms, now come out of the cathedral.    

The hospital of St. Bartholomew, Rochester, Kent (1929)

A portrait of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, Rochester, which claims to be Britain’s oldest hospital between the Wars. There is an emphasis on the hospital’s diverse relations with the economy and society of the Medway towns, and of its dependence on voluntary work and charitable donations by the public.

Published to YouTube on 19 Nov 2013 by Wellcome Library.

Rochester In The 1930s

Composite Aircraft Ready For Test Flight Aka Rochester (1937)

Published to YouTube on 13 Apr 2014 by British Pathé.

Their Majesties At Rochester (1939)

Published to YouTube on 13 Apr 2014 by British Pathé. Rochester, Kent.

Rochester In The 1950s

The Last Parade (1951)

This is heartbreaking footage of the funeral for 20 of the 24 young cadets killed by a bus whilst out on a night march.

Published to YouTube on 13 Apr 2014 by British Pathé.

Rochester In The 1980s 

Tower block Demolition | Demolition | Rochester | TV Eye | 1980s

Silent footage of the demolition of a 12 story tower block in Rochester, Kent, in the 1980s.

Published to YouTube on 15 Oct 2018 by ThamesTv.

Rochester In The 1990s

Rochester Market

Rochester Market in the 1990s.

Published to YouTube on 18 Nov 2012 by boncyballbag.

Rochester In The 21st Century

Rochester High Street (kent,UK) old buildings

Published to Youtube on 2 Aug 2008 by angelinsatin.

Strood, Rochester, Kent UK

A drive through Strood at 9.30am on 22/10/2009, from Frindesbury Hill to Marlowe Park. Journey via Station Road, Commercial Road, Knights Road, Cuxton Road, Cedar Road, Holly Road, Lilac Road onto Marlowe Park.

Published to YouTube on 22 Oct 2009 by Joe Blunt.

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