Old Images of Old Kent Road

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Old postcard of Old Kent Road
Old postcard of Old Kent Road, from Mark Crombie's extensive collection of vintage postcards uploaded to Flikr

Glimpse history through old images of Old Kent Road in London.

Old Kent Road is one of Birtain’s oldest roads, sitting on part of a route first established some 2,000 years ago. Obviously we don’t have images going back that far, but even a few decades ago the buildings along this famous street were very different to the ones today.

Old Kent Road in the 1970s

This silent footage from the 1970s includes a school, nearby road systems, many blocks of flats, and dozens of local independent shops.

There are also a lot of cars, vans and pedestrians throughout the five minutes of old film.

Old Kent Road (1970-1979) – British Pathé on YouTube

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