Old Images of Montpelier, Vermont

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Glimpse the past through old images of Montpelier in the US State of Vermont.

Old Map of Montpelier

Admire a beautifully illustrated old map of Montpelier, created in 1884.

Montpelier Vermont History and Cartograph (1884) – Bravura Media Company on YouTube

Montpelier Flood 1992

The news item from 1992 shows how bad that year’s flooding hit Montpelier.

State Street looks like a river, with three to five feet of water flowing fast through the capital building complex. Even the canoe is difficult to keep under control.

Then the ice started to break up and move down the river, which was quite a sight, and there was concern whether the bridges would hold so people weren’t allowed to cross.

Everyone seems very jolly given some of the difficulties they had faced.

Very suddenly, the water disappeared. But of course, that’s when the clean up had to start and the emergency services quickly went round to assess the risks of fire and other dangers.

Montpelier Vermont Flood of 1992 – Ocarina Oftime on YouTube

Montpelier Flood 2011

The serious floods which hit Montpelier on 28th August 2011 following hurricane Irene are shown in this news segment, leading to a discussion and display of old photos of the terrible floods which struck Vermont in 1927.

C-SPAN Cities Tour – Montpelier: Vermont’s Historic Floods – C-SPAN on YouTube

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