Old Images of Medford, Oregon

old photo of a Medford fruit display

Enjoy a glimpse of history through old images of Medford, in Jackson County, Southern Oregon, USA.

The Fruit Industry

In the first part of the twentieth century, the fruit industry was the commercial heart of Medford’s economy.

The railroads helped the fruit travel quickly across the country, helped by the refrigerated storage units and railroad cars.

Hillcrest Orchard

Hillcrest Orchard is still producing fruit today across more than 200 acres of land, having been first established by Reginald Parsons back in the 1880s. His grandsons Jud and George Parsons, along with their cousin Hugh Brady, now run the estate under the company name Century Farm Fruit Growers.

In 1997 a vineyard was planted on the Hillcrest Orchard estate. The RoxyAnn Winery estate is run by Chad Day, the great grandson of Reginald and Maude Parsons.

But it’s also now a pretty wedding venue, and visitors can stay in historic homes located on the estate.

Medford’s Streets

Wartime Food

World War II caused a great disruption to the food distribution system, with German warships and U-boats targeting all allied vessels.

Using local sources to feed the nation and overseas forces was an urgent priority.

The Historic American Buildings Survey

The buildings constructed by crews of Civilian Conservation Corps and Emergency Relief Administration workers at the Medford Service Centre, 1319 McAndrews Road, were visited and photographed as part of the Historic American Buildings Survey.

These local large scale public works undertaken during the Great Depression had a utilitarian approach to the architecture of the buildings, to reduce the cost of each unit. Some of the buildings were later modified in the 1950s and 1960s.

Because two of the five structures in the compound are listed on the National Register, all of the buildings have been included in the Historic American Buildings Survey documentation.

Old Photos of Medford

Enjoy a video showcasing old photos of Medford. It includes images from across many different local places and many decades.

Some of Medford Oregon’s History – Anna Ortman on YouTube

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