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Glimpse the past through old images of Malta.

Malta in 1977

Back in 1977, a holidaymaker recorded a trip to Malta on 8mm cine film.

It includes scenes of the market, nearby streets and many local people going about their daily lives.

Street scenes and Markets in Malta 1977 Super 8mm Cine Film Pt1 – Dave Eldergill on YouTube

The action from 1977 continues in the second video.

It begins by recording activity around the harbour, then looking at the ancient streets and local people, before returning to the harbour to see women at work.

Street scenes and Markets in Malta 1977 Super 8mm Cine Film Pt2 -Dave Eldergill on YouTube

Malta in 1979

In 1979, a holidaymaker to Malta recorded their trip on cine film.

Lots of streets, businesses, cars and people appear.

At 3:18 there’s a rather sad moment as a beautiful old building is torn down.

It also looks as though the wall collapses down just a few moments before a long line of schoolchildren are walked past merely a couple of feet from the debris.

8mm holiday Cine Film of Malta 1979 – Dave Eldergill on YouTube

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