Old Images of Jackson, Mississippi

Closeup of old photo of Panorama Jackson Mississippi, taken about 1910

Enjoy a glimpse of history through old images of Jackson, Mississippi, USA.

American Civil War

Mississippi State Capitol

Panoramic View of Jackson 1910

This panorama view was taken in about 1910. There are so many fascinating details that in addition to showing the full width image, I’ve also created five closeup pictures focusing on different parts of the view.

If you look carefully, you’ll see the horses pulling carts and wagons round the streets.

Millsaps College c.1910

The private liberal arts institution of Millsaps College was founded in 1890.

In & Around Jackson

Julienne House on Yazoo Street was constructed in 1840, for Louis Norman Julienne.

Coloner Power’s House

John Logan Power was born in Ireland in 1834. In 1855, he moved from Ireland to Jackson, Mississippi. Five years later he founded the Jackson Daily News, before becoming the official reporter of the Mississippi Secession Convention and then serving in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War.

Upon returning to civilian life, he once again founded a local newspaper, which in 1890 was renamed the Daily Clarion Ledger.

Between 1896 and his death in 1901, Coloner Power served as Secretary of State.

His daughter Anabel Power then lived in the Colonel’s house at 411 Amite Street, until her own death in 1958.

Colonel Power’s House, which sat against the high rise Standard Life Building, was demolished shortly after Anabel’s death.

Ten years later, the metal ironwork from Colonel Power’s house was installed in crescent-shaped tiers in the courtyard of the Junior League Headquarters at 805 Riverside Drive.

Jackson Flood 1979

In Easter 1979, the Mississippi flooded many of Jackson’s streets, homes and businesses.

Jackson, Mississippi Flood (Easter 1979) – Clay Edwards on YouTube

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