Old Images of Helena, Montana

Helena Montana c1907

Glimpse history through old images of Helena, Montana, USA.

Montana Historical Society 1972

This quick clip from the promotional film “Helena-City of Gold”, produced by the Helena Chamber of Commerce, shows what exhibits visitors could enjoy in 1972 at the Montana Historical Society museum in Helena.

1972 Clip about the Montana Historical Society, Helena MT – lazycowpoke on YouTube

Frontier Town 1990

In 1990, Frontier Town near Helena welcomed about 75,000 visitors a year.

Frontier Town Near Helena Montana – 1990 – lazycowpoke on YouTube

Hidden History of Helena

In 2019, Ellen Baumler and Jon Axline presented a talk to promote their latest book “Hidden History of Helena, Montana”.

It’s a very good presentation, packed with fascinating stories, and illustrated with a wide range of old and modern photographs to bring those stories to life.

The Hanging tree was very close to the business district back in 1865, and Montana Territory’s first two legal hangings were overseen by Sheriff Seth Bullock.

The Frenchwoman’s Way, once the route over the MacDonald pass, was established in 1867. On the west side of the divide, the toll house was run by a woman, probably French, whose first name is lost to history. She didn’t speak English very well, she was a good cook, and sadly she was murdered.

Hot off the press—Hidden History of Helena, Montana! – Montana Historical Society on YouTube

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