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Fishburn Colliery Village, County Durham

Fishburn Colliery County Durham England UK

Fishburn Colliery throughout the 20th century was a community of miners, coke workers, and associated industry. Today just a busy road disturbs the peace of this small and quiet village.

Thanks to Michael Kauer of Pixabay for the image above, and the YouTube channels credited on this and the following pages.


The Tidiest Village In County Durham (1960s)


Unfortunately, YouTube channel HuntleyFilmArchives have removed this clip from their videos.

However, you can still view it on the Huntley Film Archives website.

It includes footage of Fishburn Colliery, village and Frank Gibson.  You’ll also see a sign declaring it “The Tidiest Village In County Durham”.


The Coke Works Project At Fishburn Primary School (1970s)


Published to YouTube on 14 Jul 2016 by Fishburn Primary. Mr. Eason received the following email:


Dear Mr. Eason,

I worked briefly at the school during my training in the early 70s. Having recently retired I have been having a good sort out. During this, I rediscovered two sets of slides taken whilst I was at the school. These have languished in my garage for many years.

In the main, these consist of slides taken on visits to the now-closed coke ovens. A few are of work in the classroom and a couple are of pupils in the group. These “pupils” will now be about 54 or 55 and unfortunately, I have no idea of their names, though at the time their teacher was a gentleman called Chris Wheeler. It is quite possible that some of these families are still in the area.

I have digitised the slides and cleaned them up to improve them where possible. I have attached a couple. Should there be any interest I will gladly post a DVD to the school with a full set of the slides. 

Yours, Brian Steeper.

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