Old Images of Dallas, Texas

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Glimpse history through fascinating old images of Dallas, Texas.

Old Photos of Dallas

Many different locations and decades appear in this video showcasing lots of old photos of Dallas.

Historical Photographs of Dallas, Texas – BJ Lusk on YouTube

Downtown Dallas 1939

The Dallas Morning News’ Robert Wilonsky and Historic Preservation Officer for the City of Dallas Mark Doty introduce a 90 second clip of Downtown Dallas filmed in color in 1939, which they had bought a few months previously on eBay.

The Western end of Main Street was packed with pedestrians. It was an area of one, two and three storey buildings running busy shops and restaurants.

Then at night, Elm Street is lit up with all the theatre signs, and CocaCola signs.

There were still houses standing in the Cedars neighbourhood in Downtown Dallas in 1939, an area later decimated by City Hall and freeway construction.

Never Before Seen Color Footage of 1939 Downtown Dallas – he Dallas Morning News on YouTube

Dallas in the 1950s

A showcase of old photos of Dallas in the 1950s.

32 Vintage Photos of Dallas, Texas in the 1950s – Yesterday Today Tribute on YouTube

Dallas in the 1970s

Some of the locations seen in this silent 1970s footage include the John F.Kennedy Museum, skyscrapers, a rooftop views of buildings, the waterfront, across Downtown, and looking down on the freeway.

Dallas (1970-1979) – British Pathé on YouTube

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