Old Images of Cheyenne, Wyoming, in Historic Photos & Film

An old photo of the City & County Building on 19th and Carey Avenue in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Glimpse history through fascinating old images of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Cheyenne in 1882

State Capitol

Cheyenne’s Carnegie Library

Annual Frontier celebration 1910

Cheyenne Rodeo 1972

Just over a minute long, this is a rare glimpse at a 1970s rodeo in Cheyenne.

1972 Rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyoming – Vintage Bull & Bronco Riding – Vintage Video Clips on YouTube

F3 Tornado 1979

On July 16, 1979 an F3 tornado hit Cheyenne, Wyoming.

At the time, it was the largest tornado ever recorded in Wyoming.

It left one person dead, 37 injured, and hundreds of damaged homes meant over a thousand people suddenly found themselves homeless.

In this video, the 1979 Mayor of Cheyenne, Don Erickson, talks about his memories of that terrible event.

F3 tornado hits Cheyenne, Wyoming on July 16, 1979 – Cowboy State Daily on YouTube

Cheyenne’s Streets in 2017

Although this recorded 2017 drone flight doesn’t count as vintage footage, it does show many of Cheyenne’s historic buildings and a clear vision of the city’s layout.

Drone Cheyenne, Wyoming – James – BeBop on YouTube

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