Old Images of Bridgeport, Connecticut

Bridgeport Connecticut 1857

Glimpse history through old images of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Bridgeport Then & Now

The first video was put together using old photo prints and postcards, then showing what the same location in the old picture looks like today.

Includes nice clear labelling of each location.

Bridgeport, Connecticut: Then & Now – sockhop921 on YouTube

Old Photos & Pictures

The next three videos show collections of old photos and pictures across many decades.


Bridgeport CT – 100 Years In 10 Minutes – GiftsByTheGreen on YouTube

Early Bridgeport Connecticut – StevieWorld on YouTube

old bridgeport Connecticut pics – Cheryl Persons on YouTube

Brief History of Bridgeport

The young man presenting this brief history of the city covers a lot of information very quickly and concisely. Includes an excellent choice of old images to demonstrate each event.

History of Bridgeport | American City History | Part 14 – The Rambling Historian on YouTube

1920 Family Photos

In 2021, Angel Cologne was preparing to move his family out of the Linden Avenue house that had been their home since 2013. In the attic, he stumbled upon an old family photo album from the 1920. Wanting to reunite the photos with the family than took them, he contacted News 12.

Among the photos we see on screen, is a man standing in front of Fairfax Court House, on November 7th, 1926.

There’s also a wedding invitation from Mr & Mrs Anthony Caramela, whose daughter Mae was marrying Mr Rosario Alaimo on October 4th, 1928 at 9am, in St. Raphael’s Church.

Bridgeport man hopes to reunite 1920’s photos found in attic with family who took them – News 12 on YouTube

1940s Bridgeport Family

This clip of family home movies, lasting just one minute and thirty seconds long, gives a glimpse of a Bridgeport neighbourhood in the 1940s. Very nicely edited.

Bridgeport, CT 16mm home movie 1940s, East Side – Laurie Kenny on YouTube

1974 Student Film Project

In 1974, the education flimmaking class at ABCD Cultural Art Center started a project called West End Story, inspired by West Side Story.

The ABCD Cultural Art Center was next to Bridgeport’s PT Barnum housing project.

The terrible music has been added automatically by YouTube, who objected to the West Side Story soundtrack for copyright reasons. So you might want to mute your sound!

PT Barnum Housing Bridgeport CT 1974 – Richard Stamats on YouTube

Barnum Parade 1994

This is a home movie recorded on 3rd July 1994, of the Barnum Parade.

It’s a bit shaky, but hundreds of people appear on screen, both participating and watching the event, including students from Scaret Heart university.

July 3 1994 Barnum parade, Bridgeport, CT – Juan Forero on YouTube

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