Bonnyrigg, Scotland: Old Photos & Films

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The Midlothian town of Bonnyrigg is found just eight miles to the south east of Edinburgh’s city centre, but is a small community whose centre mostly dates from the 19th Century.

Old Photos Of The Town

“Old Photographs Bonnyrigg Midlothian Scotland”

A lovely collection of black and white photos showing the town’s people and places, including the railway station on the Peebles Railway line that served the local community from 1855 to 1965. 

“Scotland – past and present (Bonnyrigg)”

Roger Jackaman has done a great job taking old photos of town locations, and then showing what they look like today. Good location titles too.

The Town In The 1990s


Lasswade and Poltonhall and Bonnyrigg 1994

A brilliant home video made in 1994, with stories and memories as informative as the footage of the streets and buildings, some of which are now changed or long gone.

Film Footage From The 21st Century

“Video 241: Bobby Carruthers of Bonnyrigg: Premier Pigeon Racer”

Bobby Carruthers started racing pigeons in 1952, and became a national champion.

Keith Mott came to meet Bobby at his two-storey pigeon lofts to discuss some of the key topics of the sport and see how the birds are cared for.

Sadly, Bobby Carruthers died in December 2006.

“Dalhousie Haunted Castle Ghost Story – Dalhousie Castle, Bonnyrigg, Edinburgh, Scotland”

Back in 2009 an Australian reporter decided to sit in the dungeon of the 13th century fortress, in the middle of the night.

“Walk Around Bonnyrigg”

It may be a shaky home video with lots of unintentional background noise, but this footage from 2012 is a good record of quiet streets which will no doubt be very different in a few decades time.

“Scottish Market in Bonnyrigg Midlothian Scotland”

The sights and sounds of a small market in early spring 2012.

“bonnyrigg park”

The town from above, filmed on a bright, sunny day in 2012.

“Tour of Lasswade High School in Bonnyrigg near Edinburgh”

2014 saw the opening of the new Lasswade High School. Hundreds of pupils and dozens of staff appear, including a number of talented musicians.

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