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Wilson: Compilation Of Events (1948 – 1964)

Harold Wilson in Documentary & Newsreel YouTube clips

This film brings together footage from a number of key events in Harold Wilson’s life, from the 1948 end of clothes rationing, to his 1964 official visit to the United States of America.

Uploaded to YouTube on 21 Jul 2015 by British Movietone: COMPILATION ON MR. HAROLD WILSON – LEADER OF THE LABOUR PARTY – SOUND


1948: Harold Wilson, as President of the Board of Trade, signs the Anglo-American Films agreement with Eric Johnston, who was President of America’s Motion Picture Association.

1949: Harold Wilson, as President of the Board of Trade, announces the end of the clothes Rationing.

1949: Harold Wilson, as one of three young ministers convened to advise Prime Minister Attlee on financial matters, attends the London Conference of Commonwealth Finance Ministers. Includes a discussion about the ‘Dollar Gap’ with Mr. Abbott of Canada in the garden of NO. 10. Downing Street.

1951:  To meet the financial demands imposed by the Korean War, National Health Service (NHS) medical charges are to be introduced. Mr. Aneurin Bevan, then Minister of Health, resigns, along with Major John Freeman MP, and Harold Wilson.

1962: The Labour Party Conference at Brighton includes Hugh Gaitskell, whose death in January 1963 was to bring the name of Harold Wilson into the headlines as a possible Labour Leader, and the Deputy Leader, Mr. George Brown, contender for the leadership.

1963: Harold Wilson is elected Leader of the Labour Party which also makes him Leader of the Opposition. Here he gives a speech.

1964: Harold Wilson visited the U.S.

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