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Newton Mearns in East Renfrewshire, Scotland, traces its name back to its ancient roots. Roland De Merns governed this part of Scotland back in the 12th Century, with his seat of power somewhere near Mearns Castle.

But it was the 1950s onward which saw this quiet, rural village 7 miles south of Glasgow grow into a town of more than 20,000 residents.

Photos of Then and Now

Tom Marchant compiled and introduced this photo montage showing the area across many different decades. 

Then and Now – on YouTube

Farming in Mearns

This is a section from Tom Marchant’s film, “Mearns at Work”. Bill Copeland talks about the history of what was a rural settlement, and interviews several elderly residents about their childhood and early adult lives.

Farming in Mearns – on YouTube

1946 Heavy Winter Snow

The late James Anderson, director of Anderson’s garage, used a 16mm cine film to film the heavy snowfall in the winter of 1946. The height of snow driven through at the end of the footage is just breathtaking – it’s higher than the car!

Winter in Newton Mearns c. 1946 – on YouTube

1950s Newton Mearns

Bill McKendry made a 35 minute colour film about the town in the 1950s. A number of residential streets, open spaces, shops and the playpark, all populated with local residents, appear.

Portrait of a Village” (Newton Mearns in the 1950s) – on YouTube

1950s Eaglesham Road

An 8 second clip of a 1950s style car driving along what appears to be a newly laid road.

Eaglesham Road Newton Mearns circa 1950? – on YouTube

Mearns Cross 1950-68

Two and a half minute footage showing the Laing Scotland sign at the shopping centre construction site. A number of pedestrians and a group of locals chatting next to the phone box also appear.

Mearns Cross – Newton Mearns – 1950-68 – Showing construction of shopping centre – on YouTube

Mearns Cross About 1968

Another 8 second clip from YouTUbe channel mannbarry2.

Mearns Cross Newton Mearns 1968 ? – mannbarry2 on YouTube

Barrhead Road 1968

Another 8 second clip, this time driving along Barrhead Road in 1968.

Barrhead Road Newton Mearns 1968 – on YouTube

Newton Mearns 1988

Driving around residential streets on 27th March 1988. Lots of cars and a few pedestrians seen.

Newton Mearns 1988 – on YouTube

2011 Flash Flood

In the summer of 2011, the steps at the Greenlaw development couldn’t cope with the sudden downpour.

flash flood greenlaw newton mearns – on YouTube

November 2011

This cycle ride was filmed on Sunday 20 November 2011.

Newton Mearns to Eastwood Toll Club run 20 Nov 2011 – on YouTube

Christmas Lights 2012

December 2012 saw local school pupils singing in the shopping centre before Santa’s arrival.

Then a choir of women sing a pop song before Ugly Sisters Gavin Mitchell and Gordon Cooper come on stage, to be joined by the Fairy Godmother Karen Dunbar.

Christmas lights – on YouTube

Eastwood High School 2014

2014 saw the opening of the new Eastwood High School, built through Scotland’s Schools for the Future programme.

Eastwood High School – on YouTube

Mearns Castle 2017

Filmed in 2017.

Mearns Castle Cluster Transition Primary to Secondary – on YouTube

Newton Mearns Nursery

Lots of young children helped create their new outdoor space at nursery.

The Hidden Garden” Newton Mearns Nursery – Created by Sowing Seeds – on YouTube

Mearns History Group Website

On YouTube, Mearn History Group channel is a great resource of old films and footage about the local area. The group formed in October 1999 to record information about Mearns and to promote the history and heritage of the community. Find out more about the area’s local history on the Mearn History Group website

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