Vintage Film & Old Photos of Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Ohio

Glimpse history through old images of Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Columbus has been the state capital of Ohio since the war of 1812, and the city’s university opened in 1873. We can’t take you back that far, but these selected images show you what the city looked like over the past century and more.

Old Photos of Columbus

The first video showcases old photos of Columbus taken between 1872 and 1905.

Each image is labelled with the date and location, so you always know when and where your are looking at.

Old photos of Columbus(Ohio) 1872 1905 – oldstuff4all on YouTube

Memories of the 1913 Ohio Flood

In March 1913, a terrible storm brought heavy winds and 6 -11 inches of rain to the state of Ohio in just two weeks. It caused massive flooding that saw 40,000 homes destroyed. Unfortunately, 426 people also lost their lives.

After the storm, many sites across Columbus were rebuilt. As the twentieth century brought change and population expansion, office blocks and later apartment blocks grew ever higher.

1913 Great Flood Columbus, Ohio, posted to YouTube by Michael Riser

Discover the memories of Martha Louise Riser (July 26 1902 – October 3 1988), accompanied by black and white photos taken of the event.

Martha Louise Baxter, who later married Mr Riser, was a survivor of the 1913 Great Flood. Her grandson Michael Riser made a voice recording as she talked about her memories of this significant event.

On 25th March 1913 the levee on the Scioto River broke. It caused devastation to the village of Franklinton, Columbus, as the neighbourhood disappeared under nine to 17 feet of floodwaters.

Thousands of local people suddenly found themselves homeless. Many sheltered in trees or on rooftops, waiting for rescue boats to arrive. Martha’s family fled with few possessions and no food, which left them desperately hungry in the following days.

Nearly a hundred people in the neighbourhood perished. Martha talks of a building catching fire because of the gas being left on, and a dangerous junction where boats tipped over.

1950s Columbus

This is an excerpt from an episode of “This Land of Ours”. Although it’s looking at the State of Ohio, the excerpt opens in Columbus.

We see images of downtown buildings and streets, the busy city university, and an agricultural fair.

Ohio, 1950s, posted to YouTube by travelfilmarchive

1960s Columbus

In 1964-65, Gothpapa and his brother filmed street scenes of everyday life in downtown Columbus. It includes the deep excavations at the State House site where the underground parking garage was under construction.

Later scenes include the library, supermarket, motel, park, parade and graduation.

You’ll see lots of construction workers, local residents, old vehicles, and streets which have changed beyond all recognition.

Scenes around Columbus, OH ca1965, posted to YouTube by Gothpapa

The footage is accompanied by a soundtrack of Chuck Selby and his orchestra performing at Valley Dale. Chuck Selby was Gothpapa’s uncle.

Columbus High Street in 1973

In 1973, five photographers spent a year taking photographs of the High Street. They also used film to record people’s stories.

At the time High Street started with a dirt road in open countryside to the south, went through the centre of the city and continued out to what was then open countryside in the north. 

Since High Street is several miles long and traverses through different neighbourhoods, the images are an important record of the communities who lived there. The recorded interviews captured tales from the early decades of the twentieth century.

Columbus Neighborhoods: Columbus’ High Street in 1973, posted to YouTube by WOSU Public Media

When these photos were taken, retail units and businesses were owned in large part by local people. Shabby accommodation provided valuable living space to the poor, disabled and old. There’s mention of the police regularly hitting ‘winos’ with their ‘sticks’.

The 1970s fashions of the university area are entertaining.

This is a highly entertaining and informative short film.

Move to Columbus in 1980

In 1980, American Electric Power (AEP) moved its corporate headquarters from New York City to Columbus.

Employees planning to relocate to Ohio watched a long film about the reasons to live there, of which this is an excerpt.

There are dozens of locations shown, and hundreds of local people appear.

Columbus 1980 Relocation Film, posted to YouTube by American Electric Power

It opens with Pete White, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He’s speaking from his office at 2 Broadway. There’s a big phone on his big desk, and his briefcase on the cabinet behind. But no computer is seen!

Rena Cobury, President of the Columbus Board of Realtors, reads out her pre-prepared segment. She moved to the city from New York fifteen years earlier.

The average price for a home in the city in 1978 was $44,300. Commuting to downtown took no more than 30 minutes from any of the suburbs.

She gives a wonderfully in depth summary of each part of the city, including the local population and the house prices. All are accompanied by good images of typical houses in each area. A one bedroom apartment rental started at $175 per month. You’d be paying $70-90,000 to own a house in Arlington.

Then there’s a look at the wide range of religious sites, which extended far beyond Christian denominations.

One local resident explains the good shopping outlets available. He prefers it to Boston, because you can go shopping on a Sunday.

A 1985 Drive Around Columbus

The man recording the footage spent three years living in the city as a student, and came back fifteen years later for a trip down memory lane in 1985. He remarks how much has changed. Luckily he also brought a video camera, and talks about the locations as they pass them. 

Driving in Columbus, Ohio – 1985 – pt. 1 of 2!!, posted to YouTube by videoholicreturns

Ignore the technical glitches. Technology has come a long way since the Panasonic 1 piece VHS camcorder.

Then there’s the second part of the drive:

September 1998

Hundreds of downtown office workers look smart as they make their way into work on a bright sunny morning.

A High Definition Look at Downtown Columbus – September 9, 1998, posted to YouTube by WBNS 10TV

Old Photos of Columbus

This fascinating collection of old photos of Columbus tells the story of a city rebuilding itself after the great flood of 1913.

The devastating flood of 1913 hit the downtown area as well as the surrounding neighbourhoods. 93 people lost their lives in Columbus, while hundreds died in other Ohio communities.

A building boom started just 11 years later.  On the corner of Broad and Front Streets, the art deco style American Insurance Union Citadel rose 47 storeys and 555 feet into the air. Today, it’s known as the iconic LeVeque Tower.

By the 1950s through the 1960s downtown Columbus started to look a bit shabby. Then in the early 1970s a construction boom started, which saw much of the downtown area change before the mid 1990s.

The James A Rhodes state office tower, or the Rhodes Tower, was named after Ohio’s longest serving governor. Construction started in 1971 and lasted for two years, with the official opening taking place in 1974. The 66 million dollar building had 41 storeys, rising 629 feet into the air.

In the twenty-first century, central city living has seen a revival. Therefore, new apartments and condos now tower up above the busy city streets.

Downtown Columbus Ohio 1913 to today, posted to YouTube by Ron Milner Jr

Old Pictures & Vintage Photos of Columbus

From the New York Public Library website:

The Auditorium, Columbus, Ohio, in 1900
Lock of the Lateral Canal at Columbus Ohio
Columbus, Ohio from the south west.
Firestone – Columbus Model 5002: The car complete; The Columbus Buggy Company, Columbus, Ohio.
St. Paul A. M. E. Church, Columbus, Ohio
Bishop Daniel A. Payne and the Ministers who assisted in the organization of the First District Missionary Society, at Columbus, Ohio, 1893
Deaf and Dumb Institute, Columbus, Ohio
Parade Grounds, U. S. Barracks, Columbus, Ohio
Union Station, Columbus, Ohio
Union Station, Columbus, Ohio
The Born Brewery, Columbus,…
The Born Brewery, Columbus, Ohio.
The Armory, Columbus, Ohio
The Armory, Columbus, Ohio

From the Library of Congress website:

Ohio State Capitol, Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Savings & Trust Company, Columbus, Ohio

State Capitol, Columbus, Ohio

State Capitol, Columbus, Ohio – c.1900

Union Station, Columbus, Ohio – c.1900

Franklin Park, Columbus, Ohio – c.1900

Carnegie Library, Columbus, Ohio – c.1900

Storage dam, Columbus, Ohio – c.1900

Residents of Columbus, Ohio – 1938

Residents of Columbus, Ohio – 1938

Residents of Columbus, Ohio – 1938

Lunchroom in Columbus, Ohio – 1938

Athletic club, Columbus, Ohio – 1938

From Cornell University Library on Flikr:

Columbus, Ohio. McKinley Memorial
Sculptor: Herman Atkins McNeil (American, 1866-1947)
Architect: Austin W. Lord (American, 1860-1922)
Sculpture Date: 1903-1906
Cornell University Library

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