500 Year Old Belvoir Oak In Belfast

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The 500 year old Belvoir Oak sits in the Belvoir Forest Park in Belfast. It’s thought to be the oldest tree in Northern Ireland, and survives thanks to the intervention of tree specialists.

Video of the Belvoir Oak

I FIND the OLDEST OAK in IRELAND in Belvoir Forest Belfast: Tom McClean Positive Belfast

This is a great video of the Belvoir Oak. It starts by explaining how to find the historic tree.

Then we see the tree from different angles. In addition, the setting is show, and commentary about the condition of the tree.

Sudden Oak Death

Belvoir Oak is more than 500 years old, and is the oldest tree in Northern Ireland.

Its life was in danger in 2014, as the virulent fungus Phytopthora Ramorum – causing a condition known as “Sudden Oak Death” – swept across the province.

More than 220,000 trees in Northern Ireland were quickly felled and disposed of in a bio-secure method, including a quarter of the trees in the Belvoir Forest Park, where the Belvoir Oak sits.

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