High Wycombe In The 21st Century

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Following on from the old photos and vintage film of High Wycombe, we move on to High Wycombe In The 21st Century.

The Attic on Leigh Street (2001)

Budwiza (YouTube)

Scorpion Records (2004)

Scorpion Records was demolished as part of a redevelopment of High Wycombe’s town centre. The site formed part of the new Sainsbury’s supermarket.

John Rogers (YouTube)

High Wycombe Five-0 (2009)

A bit of fun, made by members of Trinity Productions.

Castrolvalva on YouTube – High Wycombe FIve-0.

 Snow at the Castlefield Wood (2009)

JIMMY ALI – Snow in December 2009

 Jamie Oliver (2009)

Jamie Oliver serving soup for a Sainsbury’s advert.

Atiframai (YouTube)

Mass Snowball Fight (2010)

On 6th January 2010, up to 500 people enjoyed a mass snowball fight at the Rye.

Vixviews (YouTube)

The snowball fight was organised through Facebook, showing how popular the social platform was even by 2010.

Abbey Way Graffiti Project (2010)

Thames Valley Police, Wycombe District Council, Bucks County Council and Wycombe Youth Action initiative ran a youth project 16-20 August 2010. Participants covered the walls of the Abbey Way underpass in graffiti art.

Thames Valley Police (YouTube)

Amersham Hill Gardens Footpath Opening (2011)

The 11th March 2011 was the official opening of the footpath in Amersham Hill Gardens, High Wycombe.

tfbOnline (YouTube)

High Wycombe Historical Centre (2012)

This is a lovely slow look around one important corner of High Wycombe, juxtaposed by arguing people in the background. It gives you a real feeling of being there.

“High Wycombe for Tourists, The Guildhall, the historic Antelope Pub, Little Market House (AKA The Pepperpot), All Saints Church, High Street, Eden Centre, Costa Coffee. There is a market here Tuesdays & Fridays. Disraeli gave his first speech in front of the Red Lion Statue in the High Street. Lord Carrington is also associated with High Wycombe. There is also a connection with American Independence because Lord Shelburne Prime-minister who helped negotiate The Treaty of Paris sealing Independence is buried in the Church. High Wycombe as its Saxon Name suggests is built in a valley bottom with steep “Combes” on either side. The Railway that passes through this valley on its way from Marylebone to Birmingham required amazing engineering feats with many viaducts and bridges. 

High Wycombe was a market town but is now prized for its location with excellent communications to London by train and the M40 and quick access to Heathrow and yet to the West of High Wycombe you are in unspoilt countryside!

High Wycombe or Chepping Wycombe as it used to be know comprises a number of suburbs  Booker, Bowerdean, Castlefield, Cressex, Daws Hill, Green Street, Holmers Farm, Micklefield, Sands, Terriers, Totteridge, and Wycombe Marsh.”

zzapper zzapper (YouTube)

Mary Portas BID for High Wycombe (2013)

In 2013, Mary Portas welcomed bids for grant funding from organisations looking to rejuvinate their local high street. In High Wycombe, young people wanted to use empty shop space for a variety of projects.

Whirlwind Productions (YouTube)


This is actually a radio interview with a still image of the hospital. It has been included to show the contrast with the heady optimism of the 1960s vision when the hospital was opened.


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