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Fraserburgh In The 1950s

St Combs Train Cab Ride (Easter 1959)

Published on 1 May 2019 by Unseen Steam.

“Following his trip along the Light Railway branch (or ‘twig’) from Fraserburgh to St Combs at the end of March 1959 our cameraman made another run along the line later in the day, this time in the cab of the cow-catcher equipped LMS Ivatt class 2 mogul no 46460. The first view is on the exact same part of the line filmed from the roadside earlier in the day and the second shows us the very small Halt at Philorth Bridge. We then approach the first “proper” station at Cairnbulg before crossing yet more coastal land as we approach the terminus at St Combs. Returning tender first (and no doubt very pleased that these engines had tender cabs for just this sort of work!) we return through a bustling Cairnbulg; this serves as a reminder that this little line had a pretty good service in those days of around 8 trains a day (which accounts for its survival until the dread hand of Dr Beeching consigned it to dust on 3rd May 1965, by which time there were 11 services a day and one more on Saturdays!). Our final view shows the surprisingly large terminus at Fraserburgh.”

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