Caerphilly Railway Station 1963 -2013

Robert Masterman’s video about Caerphilly railway station displays black and white photos from the 1960s and then shows the 2013 new platform work in progress.

Caerphilly Railway Station ‘Then & Now’ 1963 -2013: Robert Masterman

Caerphilly railway station is situated a few miles north of Cardiff, on the Rhymney Valley line. 

In the 1960s this was a busy location, in part thanks to the large Locomotive works located on the south side of the station. In addition, the freight line from the Rhondda Valley via Penrhos Junction passed through the station.

When Robert Masterman created this video in 2013, much had changed. The freight and locomotive works were long gone, but in response to increasing passenger service numbers a new bay platform was being installed.

So he assembled a collection of 1960s black and white photos showing how the station used to look, and showcased them between photos and video clips taken in 2013.

A few local people and homes appear in the background, along with the workmen.

Useful titles and additional information appear too, identifying the location and year on screen.

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