The Silver Jubilee 1935 Bristol Celebrations

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“Bristol Jubilee Celebrations, 1930’s – Film 32082” from YouTube channel HuntleyFilmArchives

The Silver Jubilee 1935 saw Bristol bedecked in flags and hosting a military parade near the Cathedral.

The Silver Jubilee of King George V

Despite being third in line to the throne when he was born during Queen Victoria’s reign, on 6 May 1910 King George V became King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India. 

25 years later, in 1935, the people of Bristol held magnificent Silver Jubilee celebrations.

Less than a year later, on 20 January 1936 King George V died.  The next few months were turbulent as Edward accepted and then rejected the crown in favour of Wallace Simpson.

Bristol Celebrates The Silver Jubilee 1935

The opening scenes, showing flags draped across the streets of Bristol and decorations running along the buildings, are impressive. The park flowerbeds, and impressive street plant pots outside the Kings Cinema, are all stuffed with vibrant blooms.

It’s very charming to see the traffic and pedestrians going about their daily lives with this special backdrop.

The title card tells us that the Jubilee Carnival took place on the Downs. Unfortunately, the event isn’t included in this footage.

However, the film does show us the military parade, held outside Bristol Cathedral.

We see the military parade on a wet day, when pavements shone with puddles. The crowds are already waiting as the city’s dignitaries arrive to stand in their allocated places. 

Charles Theodore Budgett, 1935 Mayor of Bristol

The Mayor is clearly identified in his robes and hat. Charles Theodore Budgett was a director at his family firm, the leading grocer H. H. & S. Budgett. I believe at one point he lived at 7 The Paragon, Clifton, and is probably the Charles T Budgett who died in Bristol in March 1947.

A man with the same name married in Barton Regis in Gloucestershire in December 1897. But there’s also another marriage of a Charles T Budgett to Ethel F Parr in December 1926, this time at Long Ashton in Somerset.

Budgetts began as a small shop in 1820, remained in the family for 140 years, sold Scribbans-Kemp in 1961 and disappeared in 1977.

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