The Bristol Blitz Sites As They Are Today

Bristol local history; vintage film and old photos of Bristol
“How the Blitz changed Bristol forever” from YouTube channel Sudden Pine

Discover what some of the Bristol Blitz sites look in the modern age, with the help of photos, vintage film and recent footage.

Who Made This Short Film? 

This three minute film about the Bristol Blitz was made by Rudi Goettsch and Dylan Schirmacher for a UWE filmmaking project.

Bristol’s Blitz

Vintage film of a Second World War air raid is accompanied by an informative commentary. 

Black and white photos showing the main targets of the air raids – the Port and the Bristol Aeroplane Company – are followed by an image of Bristol’s medieval centre from the air. 

Then suddenly comes a succession of black and white photos highlighting the scale of destruction. They are well chosen, because they show the impact on humans, and are not just a detached landscape.

The video shows the water pump next to St John’s Church that suddenly became the only water supply for 120,000 people.

More vintage film shows the aftermath of the bombs, including a line of children wheeling belongings in prams and on trolleys.

What Bristol Blitz Sites Look Like Today

We now see footage of the park area today where the medieval riverside buildings once stood.

The film also looks at the damage done to the old Dutch House. This was an important landmark in the centre of Bristol. We see modern footage of the site, where the historic building made way for a line of trees.

A lovely picture of the historic buildings at Broad Quay is then replaced with footage of the modern riverside bars and eateries today.

Bristol bridge is also shown in a photo from the old days, and footage from today. It’s astonishing how much the area has changed.

A picture shows the complete destruction of the St Phillips bridge. Modern footage shows its replacement.

It’s a nice touch to end on a positive note. Some of the buildings were damaged and given necessary repairs, so the city still retains some of its historical landmarks.

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