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Award Winning Photography of Birmingham & Black Country

TheSiDon: Published on 27 Oct 2010.

Our last glimpse of the Industrial Revolution – Heartfelt mood entrenched imagery and poignant moments captured on film represent the deterioration of the flag-posts of an era much forgotten — the canals and railways so integral to powering Birmingham’s industrial revolution and the development of England & the United Kingdom.

Photographed by Peter Donnelly during the 1960s – decaying vistas, time-worn monuments, or simply sublime snapshots in time – this selection of imagery and verse is history with a heart.

The photographs form part of a project Peter started in 1965, when he won The Daily Telegraph photographic competition with a unique set of images taken in and around “old” Birmingham & The Black Country, England.

The judges included David Bailey, one of Britain’s best known fashion photographers, Emil Buhrur editor of the Swiss magazine Camera, Ian James editor of The Photography Year Book & George Rodger founder of Magnum Photographers Agency.

Peter started to add the verse during the 1980’s-90’s.

Two albums have been produced more recently after finding layouts Peter had created.

He also produced a unique series of poems postcards and posters about “Old Birmingham” which featured on BBC News, Radio WM & Midlands Today.

These captivating images are now available to order in a range of different formats.

Birmingham and Black Country Nostalgia Award Winning Poems and Photographs. 

Each page highlights a video showing an aspect of the city’s local history. It plays directly from YouTube, so the the person who uploaded the film benefits from the additional views.

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  • Page 1   One Hour of Vintage Film Showing Old Birmingham
  • Page 2   Nostalgic Pictures of Birmingham
  • Page 3   Old Pictures of Birmingham 
  • Page 4   Birmingham Images: 1960s to 2000s
  • Page 5   Award Winning Photography of Birmingham & Black Country
  • Page 6   Birmingham – History Of Midlands TV News
  • Page 7   Old Photos of Nechells and Erdington in Birmingham
  • Page 8   Birmingham (1920s)
  • Page 9   Silver Jubilee Home Movie (1935)
  • Page 10 Pageant of Birmingham (1938)
  • Page 11 Birmingham (1930s)
  • Page 12 Birmingham, UK (1935)
  • Page 13 Birmingham Tram Tour (1940s)
  • Page 14 WWII, Industry, Munitions, & Home Front (1940s)
  • Page 15 Car Rally: Coventry to Birmingham (1940s)
  • Page 16 The Midlands (1946)
  • Page 17 Birmingham Tram Tour (1940s)
  • Page 18 Queen Elizabeth Hospital Unit (1940s)

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