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The Midlands (1946)

HuntleyFilmArchives: Published on 24 Feb 2012. The Midlands of England, a very good analysis of Birmingham in 1946.

Birmingham streets – buses, trams.  A very good look at public buildings and shops etc.  Municipal bank, parks. Suburban streets. Nursery. Babies and baby.  King Edward School. University. QE Hospital. Welsh water to the city, the reservoir in Elan Valley, mid-Wales.  Shots of reservoir and water pouring out of it. Power stations. Bus station. Steelworks, iron foundry, machine.  Electrical shop floor. Generator. Electroplating teapots etc. Car factory assembly – Austins? – Spraying, welding, drive out of the factory. Pneumatic tyres – Dunlop factory.  Bourneville. Bike (motor). Farming, Warwick. Stratford-on-Avon.

Panoramic view of the extensive countryside below a cloudy sky.  Amongst country scene is curving open space, possibly river bend. Soundtrack narration evidently begins halfway through dialogue.  Three lined paths or narrow roads in the sunshine which fades into a shot of a large stately home in a clear sky. A row of elegant, old houses along a road (possibly private) in a country setting. 

View of a busy main road in a part of Birmingham city centre. Church with tall steeple prominent in the background as double-decker bus approaches and goes past camera. Shot, from nearly rooftop height,  looking down a busy street in the city. Buses and cars moving up and down, same positioned view of another high street with tall, imposing buildings along either side. The soundtrack plays sprightly orchestral music.  Road level view of very imposing almost ‘Romansque’ building stretching beyond the camera. Traffic along approaching road, one car moves away from the camera down road. Rooftop level view of huge white stone square buildings.  Many windows along front and side. Large green spaces along the front of building with stationary cars visible along the side of building. A small, domed, white stone building with canopies along the base, very prominent along the left side of the road.  The camera pans down and along the building taking in road traffic. Shot of ornate building frontispiece with green erg and statue of a male figure in front. Road level view of a quiet street. The camera clearly positioned under a bridge as it takes in imposing buildings and dock tower.  Looking up at another ornate building with dome work frontispiece. Buses and cars pass in the foreground, the camera pans right across the street. Clock tower and buildings, as in the previous view, more prominent. Flags hang down from the building and a statue of lords or great soldiers come into view.  Camera continuing to pan, shows building to be the same as that of the previous shot. Soundtrack states it is the ‘Birmingham Council Chamber’. Shot of ‘councillors’ at work around a long table inside the building. The man at the head of the table gets up and walks to map. He points to it as rest look towards it.  View of a large square building with pillars along the front – ‘Municipal Bank’. Shot of lake surrounded by trees with a path curving around along the side. Two women and child visible walking down it. View of the park area. Path lined by trees with well turfed green area along near side.  People walk along it.

Each page highlights a video showing an aspect of the city’s local history. It plays directly from YouTube, so the the person who uploaded the film benefits from the additional views.

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