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Birmingham (1930s)

HuntleyFilmArchives: Published on 19 Feb 2013. Birmingham, West Midlands, England.

1. Birmingham’s water supply.  Impressive dam on a reservoir at Elan Valley in Wales. (up to 1min 20sec) 

2. ‘Birmingham of Yesterday’

Bull-ring market. Market hall.  Shopping streets. Police force march along the pavement by the side of a wall past the camera.  The police officers in the front are dressed all in white. A policeman dressed in white directs traffic.  Schoolboys. Physical jerks. Civic and historic buildings. Football. Playground. Schoolboys in snow sleds.  Skiing. Handbell ringers.  

Firemen down the poles.  Fire station. Detailed practise, ladders, engines down the main street. (This section missing 08/07 is probably now number 1012)

The power station, detailed interior, turbines.  Young boys in industry, huge factory, old men and women working.  Polishing lens, button making. Pressing sheet metal, primitive foundry, inspecting sheet metal.  Milk production, washing, filling bottles. Women at work making studs.

Each page highlights a video showing an aspect of the city’s local history. It plays directly from YouTube, so the the person who uploaded the film benefits from the additional views.

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  • Page 11 Birmingham (1930s)
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  • Page 14 WWII, Industry, Munitions, & Home Front (1940s)
  • Page 15 Car Rally: Coventry to Birmingham (1940s)
  • Page 16 The Midlands (1946)
  • Page 17 Birmingham Tram Tour (1940s)
  • Page 18 Queen Elizabeth Hospital Unit (1940s)

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