Videos Of Bedford In The 1980s

Following on from our look at old photos and vintage film of Bedford, here we move our attention to the 1980s people and places of the popular Bedfordshire county town. What can you spot that has changed dramatically – or are you surprised by how much is still the same?

Lupino Lane (1892-1959)

British Movietone captured this amusing footage of somewhat bewildered and unhappy toddlers being paraded as part of a beauty show in Southend in the 1940s. The judges were Mr and Mrs Lupino Lane.

Aldershot Army In Films From History

Image by Kelvin Stuttard from Pixabay

Discover vintage film of Aldershot Army days, including the popular Aldershot Army Show which has entertained visitors for many decades.

Vintage Film Of Highclere Castle

Famous for its memorable image as the fictional TV show Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle is a stately home found in the county of Hampshire. It has been caught on film many times in the past, but is the heart of a country estate still in family ownership.