Wrexham, Wales: Old Photos & Films

Wrexham, the largest town in North Wales and home to more than 65,000 people, has been caught on film at a number of moments through the past century. They allow today’s viewers to get a glimpse of the lives of previous generations.

Barry, Wales: Old Photos & Films

Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan is famous for its beautiful beach and funfair, and remembered fondly for the former Butlins camp at Barry Island, which operated from 1966-1996. Luckily both Barry Island and the town have plenty to offer visitors and residents today, and are within half an hour’s reach of Cardiff.

Swansea, Wales: Old Photos & Films

Swansea officially became a city on 3rd July, 1969. However, the industry and events of the port town had long captured the attention of photographers and filmmakers.

Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taf: Old Photos & Film

Known by the locals as Ponty, Pontypridd is the county town for Rhondda Cynon Taf, even though its population is slightly smaller than nearby Aberdare. Luckily scenes of local daily life were photographed and filmed many times over the past century, so we can see how the Welsh town changed over time.

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire: Old Photos & Films

The Welsh market town of Haverfordwest may be home to a small population but it’s the county town of Pembrokeshire, and is the county’s largest settlement. It’s a pretty town with a rich history and luckily several local residents captured the community on film over the past few decades.

Pembrokeshire, Wales: Local History Resources

Famous for the beaches, cliffs, islands and wildlife around its stunning coastline, the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire is also home to  more than 125,000 people. Despite its rural communities, there are many resources available to everyone with an interest in local and family history.

Newport, Wales: Old Photos & Films

When Newport received city status in 2002, it became the third largest city in Wales. Luckily filmmakers took an interest in the area even as far back as a century ago, so we have great visual records of the town’s people and places in the past.