Taunton, Somerset: Old Photos & Films

The ancient history of Taunton is easily spotted with both a 10th century monastery and a castle located in this Somerset town. But the local history of the most recent decade is more personal to the community’s residents, some of which was captured on film as it happened.

Telford, Shropshire: Old Photos & Film

Telford is the largest town in Shropshire. But the irony is that until the 1950s the land was populated only by small towns and settlements including Wellington, Oakengates, Madeley and Dawley.

Oakham, Rutland: Old Photos & Films

Oakham is the largest settlement in Rutland, England’s smallest county. It’s packed full of historic buildings and has long caught the interest of filmmakers.

Gloucester Local History: Old Photos & Films

The cathedral city of Gloucester was founded by the Romans in AD97, and granted its first charter by Henry II in 1155. Over the past century, filmmakers and residents have recorded important community events and the local landscapes which change and alter with time.